Our Masterpiece

1880 Export Grade

Our top-tier range of Goodyear welted English shoes offering the highest standard of manufacture possible within the confines of ready-to-wear production and distinguished by a previously unmatched level of precision and detail. Shoes in the Loake 1880 Export Grade collection are made by a small, dedicated team of our very best shoemakers, so production is limited to a small number at a time. All styles feature uppers made from top grade calf skins, which are individually hand selected and cut from the best selection possible. Veg-tanned linings provide maximum absorption and dispersion of perspiration for optimum foot comfort. Fully stitched leather soles are intricately hand-decorated and reveal a painted two-tone stain and fiddle back waists for a more refined and elegant shape. Heels are built from a veg-tanned leather and incorporate a quarter rubber tip and decorative brass nails. Finally, the shoes are hand-burnished, and finger polished for a deep shine and fitted with premium flat waxed cotton laces.

Look to the Future, Learn from the Past

1880 Legacy

Loake aficionados know that our 1880 Legacy collection is not just about visual appeal – it’s a collection that shoes appreciation for our forefathers, our history, and the traditional skills that have been developed over many years; all carefully infused with contemporary design and unwavering attention-to-detail. Handcrafted in Loake’s Northamptonshire factory, this premium collection combines our time-honoured shoemaking techniques with innovative design, to create footwear that is as versatile and functional, as it is stylish and well-made. Designed to look and feel good all day, this sleek city-ready collection incorporates a refined last shape for added arch support, quarter rubber tip sole for added durability and premium leather linings to keep the foot cool and comfortable for all-day wear.

Handmade English Welted Shoes & Boots

Loake 1880

A classic Loake collection made in the same Northamptonshire factory that Loake brothers John, William & Thomas built in the 1880s. The Loake1880 range reflects the way the company first manufactured its fine, handmade English shoes more than 140 years ago by combining bench-made shoemaking techniques with the highest quality of materials. Featuring a selection of Oxford or Derby Shoes and Boots, as well as range of Country Brogues and Loafers, the Loake 1880 collection presents a wide variety of choice for both formal business and casual settings, exemplifying the versatile, timeless nature of well-made Goodyear welted English footwear.

Affordable Luxury for All

Loake Shoemakers

A comprehensive collection of handsome, comfortable footwear, including some new variations of traditional Loake designs alongside some of our best-selling classics. All shoes and boots in the Loake Shoemakers collection are made in our Northamptonshire factory, using the classic Goodyear welted footwear construction.

Contemporary Design & Style

Design Loake

Shoes and boots in the Loake designLoake collection is made for those who want a combination of contemporary styling, without compromising on traditional Loake craftsmanship. These shoes are designed and engineered in Kettering, Northamptonshire and made in our high-grade factory in India. Predominantly featuring Loake’s classic Goodyear welted constructions, this range now also features a collection of trainers and sneakers, crafted for fine leather and suede.

Workwear Essentials


Traditional craftsmanship and styling are combined in this range of Loake formal, business essentials. There are no rules broken here; quite simply Loake aims to offer timeless designs that don’t compromise quality, performance or good looks. This range is designed and engineered in Kettering, Northamptonshire and made in our purpose-built factory in India. Recent additions to this range include shock-absorbent, flexible in soles, added arch support and rubber soles for greater durability and longevity.

Relaxed Alternatives

Loake Lifestyle

Shoes and boots in the Loake Lifestyle collection offer a more relaxed alternative to Loake’s classic Goodyear welted footwear. These non-welted constructions complement our traditional ranges, enabling Loake to offer a complete wardrobe of shoes for most occasions. This collection features a popular range of comfortable Summer Deck Shoes, Suede Slip-On Driving Shoes and stitch down Desert Boots.

a pair of Loake

Goodyear Welted Shoes

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